Experienced, Compassionate, and Effective Divorce Lawyer in Sioux City, IA

Cost-Effective Resolution in a Grown-Up Style

The emotional issues involved in divorce are complex and nuanced. When a divorce involves a child, the emotions become even more knotted. Erickson Law Office understands that having a competent, experienced lawyer to handle complicated legal issues provides a great comfort to clients going through a divorce. Having a lawyer lets clients focus more completely on important personal issues instead of spending time on deciphering legal jargon.

If you face divorce, depend on the effective guidance, counsel, and assertive advocacy of Attorney Leif D. Erickson. He has helped Sioux City, Iowa residents successfully navigate the emotional and legal turmoil of divorce, child custody disputes, and conflicts over child support for over 20 years. He pursues beneficial divorce and custody resolutions through negotiation or mediation, but will take his client’s case to court if that is where the best results can be attained.

The Erickson Law Office has substantial experience in the following areas of family law:

  • Divorce: whether in negotiations, mediation, or trial, the Erickson Law Office vigorously defends its clients and their rights, property and parental needs.
  • Child custody: the goal is always to arrive at a fair parenting plan that is in the best interests of the child and client. Also handles child custody disputes for unmarried clients, as well as child support and child custody modifications.
  • Child support: getting a full accounting of incomes and expenses is crucial in arriving at equitable child support.
  • Property division: in most cases, the judge splits marital assets as evenly as possible. Attorney Erickson gives his clients a realistic assessment of the benefits and costs of taking property disputes to court so that they can make their best, informed decisions.
  • Visitation: fair and reasonable visitation schedules benefiting children and parents.
  • Dissolution: setting up and filing the actual divorce papers.
  • Legal separations
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Spousal maintenance; alimony

Getting the Best Results for You and Your Child

The Erickson Law Office understands that no one is more important to a parent than a child is. That is why Attorney Erickson is committed to acting first and foremost in your child’s best interests, as well as being dedicated to protecting your parental rights and understanding your parental needs.

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