Workers Compensation Lawyer Near Sioux City, IA

Workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect employees who suffer workplace injuries. When a rightful claim is denied or contested by an employer, the pain and suffering of the worker can expand to include financial hardships brought on by mounting medical bills and lost wages.

If you have been injured on the job, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer who will move quickly and efficiently to help ensure that you get the medical care you need and the wage compensation you deserve. For over 20 years, the Erickson Law Office has been fighting to protect the rights, health, and financial well-being of employees injured in Sioux City and surrounding communities.

Attorney Leif D. Erickson represents clients in with a wide range of workplace injuries, including the following:

  • Industrial injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Brain trauma
  • Lower back injuries
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Repetitive motion trauma
  • Chronic pain disorders: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), aka Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD); fibromyalgia
  • Amputations and crush injuries
  • Neurological disorders

Your Concerns are Our Priorities

When someone has been injured on the job, they often worry about lost wages, their ability to choose the doctor to treat and diagnose their injuries, medical bills, and retaliation by their employer. The Erickson Law Office moves decisively to help make sure you are not steered to a company doctor who will assist in the effort to deny your claim. Here in Iowa, employers get to choose the doctor you will see, but you have the right to contest that choice if you are not satisfied with the treatment or diagnosis.

If you or a loved one has sustained a permanent disability, Attorney Erickson strives to ensure the injuries are fully evaluated so that an eventual settlement or award is fair. He also capably assists clients expected to miss more than a year of work, making them eligible to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

The Erickson Law Office focuses on employees from all walks of life: truck drivers and factory workers to meat-packing employees, maintenance people, and those who work in food production in factories and warehouses, among others.

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